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partial shipment + statistics of packing carton#614



Because the fonctions are not available in ShippyPro yet, thoses two following elements should be really useful for us :

1/ PARTIAL SHIPMENTS : Be able to choose the products of an order to be shipped to make several labels for the same order.
The ideal would be to have a checkbox (checked by default) on each product line of the order (like it is already done for the orders).
The checked line = product in the label.
Later : checked other lines of the order = product in the second label.

2/ STATISTICS OF PACKAGING : Be able to know how many carton we send by size for each day.
The data already integrate in ShippyPro when we make the labels. The goal is to be able to track the stock of carton box + to know the use of each cartons box size.

I hope that you will find those improvment useful.

Best regards,

Christine PERROT.

2 months ago