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Documents without commercial value#552


There is a glitch in the ShippyPro portal. All documents uo to 0.5kg send by FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT are shipped without commercial value if you book directly on courier website. This allowwed to clear documents faster and no one pay any custom tax as there is no value. ShippyPro portal even if I tick the box DHL document or UPS Envelope, system asking for value what is not mandatory in case of documents and makes a huge problem. We shipped docuemnts to the passport office - Mauritius where we have to type at least value €1.00 . The parcel go through customs and the parcel was not delviered until the custom tax, duties and broker fees will be paid. I escalated this to UPS, DHL and FedEx hwoever they all confirmed that documents never go through customs unless you type any value.

This seems to be a huge bug as the passports which we post to India got stuck with customs and all family passports will be seized due tto this glitch, we even contact embassy and solicitor. Please fix this bug as this is urgent matter. For all documents system should never ask for custom value.

2 months ago