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Optimize multi search function#482

We would like to make a suggestion reagrding to the multi search function in the “ to ship” page.

We want to be able to search by SKU and Date of Shipping. The reasons are

  1. Amazon require the seller to ship on time ( before the promise shipping date), thus we need to select all the orders needed to be shipped on the very day.

  2. For sellers like us, we have over 50 products (model, quantity of the pack, color, ecc…), so we need to print the shipping label in batch to facilitate the pick-up in warehouse. This means we need to print the labels for all product 1 in once, then we pass the labels to the warehouse for the preperation.

But so far, we can not proceed as we need. All done one by one clicking, it is not efficient at all. I contacted your support and we did not find the solution and he suggested that I contact the team for develop such a function. I believe it will be popular because I am not the only seller who has this issue.


4 months ago